Level Best Solutions: The Interiors Fit-Out Specialists.

Specialising in Suspended Ceilings, Doors, Joinery, Partitioning and Glazing systems.

Level Best Solutions are Interiors Fit-Out Specialists, first formed in 2000. We specialise in Suspended Ceilings, Doors and Partition & Glazing systems.
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The Queens Walk, London
Completed – February 2024 Scope of works Ceiling light troth Reinstated hanging SAS ceiling (plasterboard margin and tiles with acoustic padding. High spec acoustic partitions including ply pattress for TV’s and timber panelling. Margins with plasterboard upstand lighting details Forza doors with Vison panels Natural timber skirting Acoustic woodwool ceiling rafts,el:[600,600,500,400],gw:[600,600,500,400],gh:[600,600,500,400],type:'carousel',justify:'',layout:'fullwidth',mh:"0"}); var revapi26, tpj; function revinit_portfolio1() { jQuery(function() { tpj = jQuery; revapi26 = tpj("#portfolio_1"); if(revapi26==undefined || revapi26.revolution == undefined){ revslider_showDoubleJqueryError("portfolio_1"); }else{ revapi26.revolution({ sliderType:"carousel", sliderLayout:"fullwidth", visibilityLevels:"1240,1024,768,480", gridwidth:"600,600,500,400", gridheight:"600,600,500,400", spinner:"spinner3", perspective:600, perspectiveType:"local", editorheight:"600,600,500,400", responsiveLevels:"1240,1024,768,480", stopAtSlide:1, stopAfterLoops:0, stopLoop:true, carousel: { speed:1000, showLayersAllTime:"all", infinity:true, maxVisibleItems:7, fadeout:false }, progressBar:{disableProgressBar:true}, navigation: { mouseScrollNavigation:false, wheelCallDelay:1000, onHoverStop:false, arrows: { enable:true, style:"uranus", left: { h_align:"center", v_align:"bottom", h_offset:-30, v_offset:30 }, right: { h_align:"center", v_align:"bottom", h_offset:30, v_offset:30 } } }, viewPort: { enable:true, visible_area:"20%" }, fallbacks: { allowHTML5AutoPlayOnAndroid:true }, }); } }); } // End of RevInitScript var once_portfolio1 = false; if (document.readyState === "loading") {document.addEventListener('readystatechange',function() { if((document.readyState === "interactive" || document.readyState === "complete") && !once_portfolio1 ) { once_portfolio1 = true; revinit_portfolio1();}});} else {once_portfolio1 = true; revinit_portfolio1();}

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